Financial Customer Testimonial

DBE’s priority is our relationship with you. When you start with relationships you end up with great service and top quality. Here are some of the things our current customers had to say about us.
We started doing business with Data Business Equipment (DBE) in January of 1999. A small group of us were beginning the process of chartering a new bank. We invited DBE to be one of several vendors to present their products to us for possible use in our new banking venture. They must have made believers out of us, because we at VisionBank of Iowa have been doing business with them ever since.
-Randy Schmitz, EVP – VisionBank of Iowa
Prior to working with Data Business Equipment, I felt like purchasing bank equipment was a chore and a necessary evil. Since we have started working with DBE, I feel like TS Bank has a partner that is truly invested in our success. They are not just selling us equipment, they are selling us a different way to operate our branches. They are very responsive to our needs and we are just as happy with the service provided to our branches as we are with the sales process.
-Christy Baker, TS Bank